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Window & Washroom Cleaning Case Study - The Costain Group

Client Details

The Costain Group

Window & Washroom Cleaning WORK CARRIED OUT

All Glazing & Deep Clean to Washrooms


By providing our professional window cleaning, washroom cleaning, and kitchen cleaning services, we will have helped to enhance staff productivity. Cleanliness is especially important for staff members with allergies or asthma; they could have reactions to dust or debris circulating in the air.

Ryemead Group Operatives have the specialist skills and equipment to enable us to carry out the works safely and efficiently, providing our client with a clean and fresh environment for staff and visitors alike.

Curb appeal can make a significant difference when it comes to first impressions to a client or potential employee. An unclean office can signify poor business practices, whilst a clean and bright office suggests a detail orientated business.


The project had to be coordinated ‘out of hours’ due to the busy nature of the site and Ryemead were happy to accommodate.

Our works were signed off by the client as ‘Excellent’

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